Jimmy finds Lingual coming out of Bob’s room one morning and after some awkwardness, they end up catching up and confiding in each other over breakfast.

Bob is out on a corporate acting job, where he meets a corporate professional Dianne. Curious about life as an actor, Dianne asks Bob all sorts of questions about making a livelihood as an actor, which only depresses Bob about the reality of constantly being impoverished as an actor, Bob starts having a mid-life crisis after Jane tells him why Charles would make a perfect husband.

It’s a list of everything that Bob and Jimmy will never have as actors. Bob proceeds to vent to Jimmy, only to get Jimmy panicked about Jane getting married to Charles.

Desperate, Jimmy takes an internship at Jane’s office. Bob finally gets comforted by Lingual. Jane takes Jimmy out to dinner and Bob takes Lingual out to dinner, only to find that all four are at the same restaurant. Jane and Lingual proceed to get drunk, because they can’t stand each other and a fight ensues.

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