Jimmy and Bob disguise themselves as busking clowns, to stake out the truth about Shirley. They discover Lingual was telling the truth and Shirley isn't who she said she is.

Lingual calls and meets up with Jane, to help Jimmy out. Even though they can’t stand each other they meet and end up discussing how Jimmy read Jane’s diary. Lingual tells Jane that Jimmy loves her and when asked how she knows, Lingual admits she read Jimmy’s diary.

Shirley comes clean to Bob, tells him that she’ll give it up. Jane invites Jimmy over for dinner, and he brings his diary and reads to her about his true feelings for her.

Bob meets Lingual to apologize for doubting her. Wanting to get back together, Lingual finds out that he’s still dating Shirley the street walker. They start to argue, and she tells him to make a choice.

After sleeping together, Jimmy finds Jane crying in the bathroom, completely unsure if Jimmy’s right for her. She feels Charles would better be able to take care of her. Jane wants a break, driving Jimmy crazy, especially when he sees a Facebook post that she’s engaged with Charles.

Shirley is chased by loan sharks. Scared and desperate she moves in with Bob, and asks to borrow money while lying about what it’s for.

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