Bob is desperate trying to find money for Shirley, while Jimmy is being consoled by Lingual.

Jane tells Charles about Jimmy and Charles admits he knew something was going on. He convinces her that there’s no future with Jimmy. Jimmy can barely make a living as an actor, who will never be able to provide for her.

Jane texts Jimmy that she’s going to marry Charles and for him to stay away, leaving Jimmy devastated.

Bob unable to help Shirley with her money problems, drives Shirley to lie to him and to go on a drive hustle of taking as many jobs in row as she can handle.

In her rush, Shirley accidentally sends a message to Bob meant for her Pimp. Bob goes into a rage and finally breaks up with Shirley.

Jimmy tries everything he’s got to win Jane back, to no avail. Until Jimmy has one last idea of what might work. Lingual tries to make amends with Bob, by giving him the money for Shirley.

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