A bit down and bored, Jimmy and Bob decide to go to a party at their buddy Graeme’s place, to flirt with some models and celebrities. Graeme a master pickup artist, teaches the guys the secret to picking up beautiful women.

After successfully picking up on some girls, the guys get bored and are about to leave the party, when Graeme teaches them about the highest level of pickup, the “Menage a Trois”. Getting 2 girls to go to bed with you.

Knowing Bob’s moral compass, Jimmy tells Bob he wouldn’t dare do that, but Bob, still hurt about Lingual telling him that Jimmy was better in bed, takes Jimmy’s remark as an insult.

Bob goes to hit on 2 very sexy girls, who are not only willing to leave with him to Graeme’s bedroom, but the 3 of them proceed to get wasted .

Meanwhile Jimmy hooks up with Clare, a huge fan of his action movie, when he played the super hero, Green Mist. Clare turns out to be much more than Jimmy bargained for and it all gets a bit twisted when he tries to break up with her.

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