What Do Men Want? - The Gay Seduction Scene Ep 5
Questioning Jimmy’s sexuality, Jane and Bob convince Jimmy to film a gay seduction scene opposite Bob for his acting show reel. Jimmy can’t keep a straight face playing Bob’s gay lover, so Jane stands in. Everyone is shocked at the truthfulness of Jimmy’s acting when he acts with Jane in a gay lovers speech.

Meanwhile, Bob is dating an “Ah Lian”, Jng Jng, who he has to text message in order to understand what she’s saying. During ballet class, Jimmy and Jane catch Jng Jng kissing another guy, and everything gets a bit more complicated when Bob starts having sexual feelings for Jane, all because of the truthful gay seduction scene that she acted with Jimmy.

Jealous, Jimmy confronts Jng Jng for cheating on Bob and blackmails her to clean their flat, to Bob will be so impressed with her, he’ll leave Jane alone.

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