Jimmy waits in agony for Jane to call him, because they were almost caught cheating by Charles.

Bob curiously follows Shirley after she has to leave at midnight yet again after their date. She catches him following her and admits to him that she works at a suicide hotline, but does she really?

Jane figures out that Jimmy read her diary and used it to get her into bed. Upset she ignores all of Jimmy’s calls and ends up getting proposed to by Charles.

Frustrated and desperate, Jimmy runs all the way to Jane’s house in the middle of the night. Charles answers it, tells Jimmy that Jane doesn’t want to talk to him.

Bob brings Shirley to meet his Dad for dinner. No one has ever brought her to meet their parents before, she is so touched, that she calls Bob her boyfriend. Lingual wanting to be with Bob, finds out about Shirley from Jimmy and discovers what Shirley really does...

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