What Do Men Want? - Hook, Line and Sinker Ep 10
Bob finds Lingual asleep alone in Jimmy’s bed and tells her they need a break. Jimmy takes care of hungover Jane at her place and she invites him to stay over at her place, to give Bob and Lingual some space.

Bob has a falling out with Jimmy and accuses him of leading Lingual on knowing that she’s still hung up on him. Jimmy moves into Jane’s place and while she’s away at work, he proceeds to clean her place, only to stumble across her diary. Invading her privacy, he reads all about her feelings for him.

Meanwhile, Bob one morning at a cafe, gets a coffee sent to him by an extremely pretty girl named, Shirley. She invites him to sit and talk and they end up spending the entire day and night together.

Shirley and Bob start dating, but she has to mysteriously go at midnight every time they’re together. Jimmy finally hooks up with Jane and they end up in Jane’s bed, the same night Charles gets back into town unexpectedly.

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