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First World Relationships Season 2

David and Angela are back for Season 2...

First World Relationships is a comedy following two couples and the arguments they have over the silly things in life, usually involving social media and technology

Winner of Best Rising Star (Demitra Sealy) - Seoul Webfest 2017; Official Selection - London Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival 2017 "

Not Dating

A comedy web series about Devin and Zoe, 2 roommates who are definitely not dating so please stop bringing it up.

LA WebFest Nominee for Outstanding Ensemble Cast in a Comedy Duo
Web Fest Official Selection
LA Independent Film Festival Official Selection
LA CineFest Official Selection

Neither Here Nor There

An ambitious, independent, first-generation Chinese-American woman returns to her hometown of San Francisco for a prestigious position within a major ad agency.

Determined to win a prized condom account, she must juggle her oddball co-workers,traditional Chinese family and zany life coach.

Neither Here Nor There AWARDS: Best Comedy, New York City Reel Film Festival Best Guest Star, Seoul Webfest


After the demise of her relationship, Crystal decides to shift her focus towards other aspects of her life, starting with her living situation.

Her roommate Nikki, queen of questionable decision-making starts to get under her skin. She also piles on her workload, instead of paying mind to her emotions.

Winner of Best Web Series at LAL Femfest 2018 and FFF Film Fest.


After Sister Kristen is suspended from the church, two nuns approach her with a problem - one of them is possessed.

Explicit Biscuit

Explicit Biscuit is an award-winning short-form sketch comedy series produced in London by Brian Luff & Georgina Sowerby.

The show stars a team of four animated characters who perform a variety of surreal and often downright puzzling sketches.

Scenarios include hapless astronauts, Egyptian pharaohs, inept airline pilots and a couple of Tudor nobles bouncing up and down on trampolines. Most odd are probably the two little flying bugs who pass the time by pitching movie ideas to each other.

The “cast” also perform in their own pop band and occasionally chat “backstage” about how the show is going.

Explicit Biscuit is written by Brian Luff, who is best known for co-writing and co-producing the cult adult puppet series "Pets" for Channel Four and MTV.

Brian has also worked as a senior digital producer for BBC Comedy

Mister French Taste

An original cross-cultural comedy series about manners (or the lack thereof).

Mister French Taste is an etiquette coach with the challenge of a lifetime: transform the unruly Leon, the only son of a conservative Hong Kong family and a constant source of scandals and shame into a perfectly groomed gentleman while at the same time, trying to steal the heart of Lily, the beautiful, young heiress to a Hong Kong fashion empire, educated, smart, and fluent in the art of shopping.

Watch Hong Kong and France collide in this hilarious comedy of manners!

5 Cents & the Boyz

After being given one last ultimatum by his mother, Morris, a twenty-something college dropout and unabashed daydreamer, sets out to fulfill his latest fantasy and become the first major Irish hip-hop star.

He enlists the help of a failed music manager on the run from Russian gangsters he owes money to, a Pakistani delivery driver and a Nigerian church custodian to form the most outlandish hip-hop band ever: 5 Cents & the Boyz.


Jerome is looking for love and all he's found is trouble!

FAAAI ! - The show where love hurts (literally) is centered around the adventures of Jerome Etxeberria , single man in his 30s who participates in a huge speed dating event and of course, nothing will go the way he hoped for...

We've all had an encounter with a jerk, a sociopath or way worse.
For some, it's just a bad memory, but for Jerome, the nightmare has just begun...

Monday Tuesday Banana

Monday Tuesday Banana is an award-winning animated sketch comedy series produced by Brian Luff & Georgina Sowerby at Studio Senseless in London.

The show features a ramshackle cast of animals, insects, germs and humans who perform surreal and often confusing sketches.

The series was created by Brian Luff, who also directs and animates the shows and co-writes it with his partner Georgina Sowerby.

Winner: Best Web/TV Series, New Cinema Film Festival, Lisbon 2020.
Finalist (Animation), Flickfair 2020.

Contains strong language

Broke A$$ Rich Kid

This award winning series, is a coming-of-age story about going broke for a higher purpose.

Broke Ass Rich Kid was the winner of Best Comedy Writing (Rio Web Fest) and Best Cinematography (Miami Web Fest / New Media)

Full of Mind

Full of Mind is a psychedelic adaptation of Homer's Odyssey for the millennial generation.

In an epic journey of the mind, two friends embark upon an adult fairy tale - like voyage which explores themes of; anxiety, mindfulness and philosophical pondering- all with a tongue, firmly in cheek, style.

That's Enough Of That

“That’s Enough of That” is a short-form, animated sketch comedy series produced by Brian Luff & Georgina Sowerby.

The show stars an unlikely team of aliens, babies, police officers, animals, vampires and angels who perform larger-than-life and often bizarre sketches.

Although surreal and outlandish, the show explores many quite grown-up themes such as unrequited love, the extinction of species and the breakdown of communication in relationships.

The series also looks at our unhealthy obsession with self-image and how our lives are often controlled by our delusions.

Gut Holz

The sudden death of his father forces Philip to go back to his old hometown.

The unexpected break right at the beginning of the downfall of his career as a successful tennis player comes right at the worst time. But as Philip meets his old friends Marie and Tobi he realizes that there is more to life than just tennis... for example 9 Pin Bowling.

The new season is about to start, Philip is back...why not go back to the old alley and win the title?

German Language - with English Subtitles

Rack & Ruin

Saffron – a masochistic, people-pleasing Brit - is desperately in need of a job after her marriage fails.

In an effort to reignite her passion for fashion she lands a position at Jolie Laide – an absurdly toxic, high-end clothing boutique in NYC that threatens to tear at the delicate fabric of her character.

Things unravel hilariously as she struggles to become a “cut-throat” sales associate, taking on the sharks, divas, vapid posers, and insecure lunatics that prop up the fashion industry.

What Do Men Want?

Jimmy and Bob, are 2 struggling actors, best friends and flatmates. Whilst trying to “make it” in the acting industry they also desperately want to find love, however, they often look in the wrong places.

They become players, date the wrong women for the wrong reasons, try to sleep their way to the top, lie and cheat to get what they want: fame, fortune, sex.

Truth is, all they really need is love and satisfaction and it’s right in front of them: their gorgeous best (girl) friend, their own friendship, their passion for the arts.

Each episode focuses on their tortuous and entertaining path to finding these truths.

Spare BnB

Spare BnB explores the personal stories of the guests and their short term stays at the flat of the mysterious Gavin.

This is a handful of what ifs and who ifs, of people and slices of their lives while they stay in a Spare BnB flat and how this flat influences their stories; stories about parenting, early days relationships and even a porno with a Mike Leigh-style twist. We never see Gavin.

Each episode focuses on a different set of guests.

Ex Model Season 1

It's the story of a girl who was under the spotlight, but who ends up under a mountain of problems.

An intrigue widely inspired from the life of the author and lead actress, Xin Wang.

Sicily Webfest 2015 - Best Art Directing
Sicily Webfest 2015 - Best Actress

Chinese Language/English Subtitles

Ex-Model - Season 2

Within the extravagant Paris fashion world, Chinese immigrant in modeling agency, XinXin discovers suddenly that she has become too old to work, while she is not even thirty years old.

Panicked with the idea of having to reinvent herself, XinXin tries various jobs to avoid falling into poverty… or worse, anonymity.

On her path to a new life, XinXin faces harsh realities: having to pay when eating out, not being invited to parties anymore, having to wake up early, gaining weight, having wrinkles… In short, being a normal woman.

With other models more competitors than friends, an agent procurer, discounted job plans, our (still) young Chinese is going through the hell of reconversion.

An intrigue widely inspired from the life of author and lead actress, Xin Wang!

Sicily Webfest 2015 - Best Art Directing
Sicily Webfest 2015 - Best Actress

Mandarin Language/English Subtitles

The Agent

The Agent is an award winning comedy series about an actor looking for an agent who knocks on the wrong door and finds more than she bargained for !

So does the man behind the door.

The Man for Your Sins

'The Man for Your Sins' is an award winning series about a degraded priest who must hear confession in a container located on a busy street.

Sex, lies, dirty secrets: Everything is forgiven if the sinner repents.

Come in for a quick fix!

Shalom Kabul

The Story of a True Afghan Odd Couple.

For centuries, a Jewish population thrived in Afghanistan. By the year 2000 there were only 2 left.

They lived together in a derelict corner of Kabul, surrounded by the Taliban and they couldn’t stand each other!

Ash Airways

What can go wrong when Nick, Remy and Tina are on the other side of the phone line? Break on through to the wire side...

Perfect Girl

A coming of age romance for anyone who's ever had a crush. Since high school, Stan and Jenny have had crushes on each other.

They wrote letters to one another over school holidays but in person they barely spoke; sharing only the occasional lingering glance and smile.

Over the years they fantasized about how perfect they would be as lovers. Ten years later they bump into each other and have the chance to make it a reality but it's not that simple; self doubt, fear of rejection, of losing their fantasies will hold them back from what could be the perfect union.

Winner: LA Web Fest 2015 - Outstanding Lead Actress: Drama


150kg is a Russian comedy Web-Series about weight-loss. Currently there are more than 1.9 billion overweight adults worldwide.

The main character Dima Bublikov, is one of them... weighing 150 kg. he has gaiven up on himself and isn't ready to change, until he receives a set of 'smart talking scales'.

These scales are too smart ! The impudent device mocks Dima in different ways, so he thinks about how he can lose weight in the hope the scales will finally shut up! Deep down he also knows it is time to change his life.

Each episode is devoted to one of the ways he tries to lose weight - gym, running, different sorts of diets, miracle pills, sex, a psychologist, Fat People Anonymous meetings, secret knowledge, the great guru - but Dima has one big obstacle - he isn't ready to wait, he wants an immediate result!

That's the reason why he struggles each time he tries to lose weight and it doesn't work for him. After all, the biggest obstacle in Dima's way is - Dima.

Will he finally lose weight? In short, if you want to lose weight, you should watch how he does it. After all, laughter also burns calories.

BEST ACTOR – Kiev International Film Festival (KIFF), 2017
BEST SERIES – KINOKAHATON, Yekaterinburg, 2017
BEST WEB SERIES – Largo Film Awards, 2016

Russian Language/English Subtitles

Tales From Pussy Willow - Season 1

Tales From Pussy Willow is an award winning satirical sketch show for adult audiences exploring queer, feminist and absurdist themes.

It takes the form of 2 – 3 minute animated episodes which each explore a different situation within the fictional British town of Pussy Willow.

There is a recurring cast of characters, who bring the town to life and connect the episodes, sometimes leading the narrative, at other times appearing in supporting or background roles.

Tales From Pussy Willow - Season 2

Tales From Pussy Willow is and award winning satirical sketch show for adult audiences exploring queer, feminist and absurdist themes.

It takes the form of 2 – 3 minute animated episodes which each explore a different situation within the fictional British town of Pussy Willow.

There is a recurring cast of characters, who bring the town to life and connect the episodes, sometimes leading the narrative, at other times appearing in supporting or background roles.

The Coat Room

The Coat Room is series about a woman in lingerie who traps herself in the coat room of a party, hoping to entice her one true love.

Instead, she keeps running into guests who just want to get their coats.


Warriors (Guerriers)

Picture someone who has her life together. A genuine person who develops meaningful relationships with others. Elise is not that person.

To pay her bills, she sells tickets over the phone to Americans. Her zealous supervisor Denis begins each day with a resounding team rally cry.

Her two roommates, Pierre-Yves and Marco are vintage video game purists, also experts at sitting down and killing monsters.

Warriors (Guerriers) is a multi-nominated French language comedy series from Canada.

English Subtitles

Ratee Sans Avenir

'Ratee Sans Avenir' is an award winning comedy series about Caro, who has no boyfriend, no job and a terrifying fear of commitment.

That's what Caro has to deal with on a daily basis. Her overflowing imagination leads her to perceive all her little worries as exciting adventures!
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