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Reece Carter The Garden Pharmacist

Reece was a herb nerd long before he got his Bachelor degree in Health Science (Naturopathy). It's been a lifelong passion for all things green and herbie.

Herbal medicine was once a household skill, but years of running to the pharmacy for a sniffle or to the supermarket for a scratch has left us without the know-how to brew a tea or infuse a tincture to manage those daily health complaints.

So Reece created the 'A Garden Apothecary' - his mission to empower you to turn to the garden or the pantry for your medicines, and rediscover the potent medicines that have been masquerading as foods. As a renowned author and herbalist, Reece has earned himself the nickname "herb-nerd" in the wellness community, Reece encourages everyone to get out there and become your own Garden Pharmacist!

Michael And Carlene

Michael and Carlene make up the dynamic husband and wife team behind Cedar + Suede, a home renovation, design and styling consultancy service, and blog, they are also proud brand ambassadors for rug, flooring and shutters specialists, DecoRug.
The renovating duo made their mark on the record-rating season of Channel Nine’s, The Block Glasshouse where they achieved the most number of room wins and the highest cumulative score overall.

Dr Nikki Goldstein

Join Dr Nikki Goldstein on her journey through the process of egg freezing, getting the right information and facts, as well as the need to lift the negative stigmas attached.

Anna Musson The Good Manners Company

Founder of The Good Manners Company, Anna Musson gives us the golden rules of etiquett.
Discover the right etiquette tips for: flying, dining, hosting a dinner party, attending a dinner party or a wedding as a guest.

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Previously known as SL Talent Management (SLTM), The Lifestyle Suite represents some of the best loved names in health and lifestyle in the country, including GP and TV Presenter Dr Ginni Mansberg; Journalist and TV Presenter Shelly Horton; Psychologist, Author and Speaker Dr Tim Sharp, and Interior.

Designers and Renovators, Michael and Carlene Duffy.Agency talent also includes elite athletes, qualified health experts and lifestyle presenters, all with strong broadcast and social media platforms, and all available to participate in activities ranging from TV and radio hosting and presenting, to event hosting and MCing, keynotes and workshops, content creation and PR, social and brand ambassador activities.

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