Residing in the city of LUCYDIA, Lucy and Deano are part of a crew who experiment with the lucid dreaming elixir 'Dice' – a neural implant ‘drug’ taken orally, that allows people lucid dream and share them with friends.

When Lucy wakes up on morning to discover that her dreams have been stolen and are trending on The Dream Channel she is invited to become a contestant in a deadly dream game show where lucid dreamers fight to take over dreams.

As her dream world expands its audience she is thrust into the centre of a deadly struggle between rival gangs looking to own and monetise her subconscious.

When Deano is kidnapped and after repeated attacks by rivals, Lucy decides to become a contestant in the game show and win her dream world back.

Toby Wallace
Socrates Otto
Miranda O’Hare
Natasha Bassett

Written and directed by Jonny Peters

Produced by Brian Cobb and Jonny Peters

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