Studio D.
Studio D.

The Mysteries of Tong

A gifted and beautiful girl, Tong, who suffers from a special terminal illness: as long as her mind stops thinking, the metabolism in her body will rapidly increase, and she will die from aging in a few hours. Every day, Tong buries herself in hundreds of strange puzzles, world suspense cases, passwords… just to keep her alive.

Relying on her extraordinary IQ, taking logic power as a weapon, and her life as a stake, she copes with a series of fantastic and bizarre events together with a science nerd, Galileo, whose life track somehow intertwines with hers, breaks down unusual criminal tactics and solves various mysteries in the world.

The Mysteries of Tong - Season One

After Galileo learned about Tong's secret and got himself involved in a kidnapping case, he decided to help Tong. At then, he had no idea what kind of world he was stepping into, and who was there playing game behind all of this...

Every 7 o'clock in the evening, a young girl would always appear in the dark alley, stepping on a carrot with her feet... What was she doing?

The beauty pastry died at home, and the scene was a complete locked room with a cake blocking the doors and windows!

A man's head got cut off while he was walking in the snow with no trails of any weapons around him... Was it evil spirits?

Dead bodies were displayed one after another in the window of a clothing store as if they were plastic models. The windows were all locked up in a locked room!

The serial murderers were coming in silence...
Studio D. is an animation studio from China.
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Studio D. is a rising animation studio founded in Shanghai, specialized in producing original comics and motion comic series. Our genres cover from mystery, superhero, to fantasy, and our art style is a mix of Japanese manga and western comic. This is the first time we bring the shows to the audience outside of China. Wish you would like them.