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No Clean Break - Webseries

When the city’s crime boss, known only as “The Man”, discovers that he’s terminally ill, he enlists introverted hitman Frank to carry out his own assassination.

“The Man”, however, is selfish and jealous, and doesn’t want to die alone, and makes it clear to Frank that he is to take out the woman he loves in addition to himself.

When The Woman turns out to be Frank’s long lost lover, he alters the job making himself the next mark.


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Odyssey Motion Pictures is an established production company devoted to the development, production and distribution of quality content and star-driven independent feature films, television and original new media content. Odyssey MP was established in 2004 by Award Winning Filmmaker Marc Clebanoff. In 2007 Award Winning Actor/Filmmaker Louis Mandylor (co-star My Big Fat Greek Wedding) joined Clebanoff as partner in all production ventures, with global distribution veteran Grant Raynham joining Odyssey to launch their International Sales division..