Sodura is a girl of Taiga and relocated in the big city. She finds herself unable to adapt to the city lifestyle and returns to her home in Taiga, heartbroken. Her tribe blames her coming home pragnent with outsider's child. The only person understood her pain was Ak-Od. Sodura falls in love with him, but he was engaged and married by his fathers will. A wild fire breaks out in Taiga and the tridesmen discovers illigal pouchers, while taking out the fire. Pouchers have killed the very last moose of the Taiga. Ak-Od was accused of aiding the pouchers, but gets killed while trying to proove his innocense. Sodura gives a birth with the assist of tirbe's shaman and she reveales that Sodura was not originally from Taiga and she should be the one to go on envoy to preserve the life of Taiga.

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