The story of Tsetsenhanrui is based on a true events. Tsetsenhanrui is a direct decendent and the very last royal blood of the Great Chinggis Khan. Tsetsenhanrui's life as a royal blood in 20th Century China was not easy and she had to face the poverty after her home was robbed and father was killed. Her childhood friend grows out to be a handsome young man, but he chose the life of monk-hood. But they fall in love and he decides to give up his monk-hood and was sent to war and gets kiiled. Tsetsenhanrui was married off to a man, she did not know. Later, during a revolution Tsetsenhangui was convicted of false charges and serves the community, but after a long unhuman treating of officials, she looses her mind. Her husband stays with her till the old age and one day she regains her self and realizes that how much she loves her husband, whom she never loved before.

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