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Time Difference

Zayasaikhan is world renowned artist from Mongolia, who has exhibited his paintings around the world.

Through this documentary, audience understand his vision and how his paintings come to life as well as his passion and inspiration that he transfers into his paintings.


Two brothers run the neighborhood gang, trying to hide their true identities from their mom by pretending to have a day job. However they face deeper problems when the ruthless mafia boss asks them to do a job for him.

The simple job turns into protecting their homeland against a neighboring country's mafia to use their land to expand their dirty business.

The Gladiolus

Khongorzul is a private school principal and single mom, who accidentally murders her daughter's drug dealing boyfriend, Tugs.

She hides his body and tries to go back to living a normal life. Dandar is a detective about to retire, before he gets one last job to find Tugs, he gets on Khongorzul's murderous trail.

Dandar discovers Tugs was a drug dealer and a womanizer and his murder was an accident and instead of turning Khongorzul in, Dandar helps her to get away with murder.

Behind the Face

This black comedy who-dun it centers around the mysterious death of a successful businessman, which of his friends and business partners is the killer?

Cloudy Carved Universe

A new detective gets his first assignment of a murder case involving the most notorious and beautiful woman in town.

Step by step he uncovers mysteries of murders tangled in love and revenge and eventually he reveals the true identity of the killer and the motives behind these murders.

The Silent Souls

A couple moves into a village, hoping to be together all the time. They didn’t realize they would discover each other’s hidden personality traits which force them to grow apart.

They are now faced with the decision to stay together or separate.

Young Detectives: Zaluu Murdugchid

A live action and animation integrated film about a group of young boys at summer camp who face mysterious events. Together, they establish a ‘Young Detectives’ club and help solve the case for the whole camp.


A state registration department’s senior registrar is suspected of murder and tampering with people's records. He is on the run to find out who set him up and what happened to those missing people.

He discovers his friend/colleague was working with organ harvesters. When he confronts his friend, he admits his wrongdoing and promises to expose them, but they both find themselves on the operating table in Russia as the unground organisations next victims.

His friend is already dead and he wakes up just in time to escape; now he is running for his life. If he can make it back to Mongolia, he can get police help to clear his name and expose all those who is involved in this illegal organ harvesting operation.

You Will Never Walk Alone

A Liverpool FC fan accidentally hits a rival female fan during a match against Manchester United. Instead of going to jail, the assailant agrees to act as a caretaker for a grumpy old man for a month.

As the young hooligan tries to quell the old man's temper, he inadvertently discovers that there are more important things to life than soccer and money.

Nomadic Chiildhood

In the middle of breath-taking landscapes in Central Asia, children fill a whole world with their wishes and their dreams. Amraa, the Mongolian herder; Apo, the Siberian baby; and Lhamo, the young Tibetan girl, all share the same destiny: like their own people, they arrive at major cross- roads in their lives, when they are confronted by love, danger and death.

Love Club

When a member of book club is suspended from school for something he didn't do, other help to solve the mystery and to find out it was actually one they all trusted the most.


Az is a seven year old girl living in small village with her parents, and will have baby sister soon. It is the most joyful moment of her life.

But her joy won't last long, when she loses her mother after the birth.

Her father must raise his daughters in difficult conditions., while Az raises her sister, their father sells milk in the city, one day Az receives sad news from city, her father has been in an accident and now she must raise her and her sister alone.


When two high schools combine due to budget cuts, a turf war breaks out between the students to prove who really runs the school!

Desire to Stardom

A member of once very popular 90’s band in Mongolia wants to put the group back together after 20 years, when the members run into each other during high school reunion.

Double Crossed

Aldar spends the night with the wrong woman and lands himself in jail for a crime he didn't commit. As he fends for his life on the inside, he gains the respect of a mob boss that vows to help him clear his name and seek revenge.

Sodura: Expecting a Stranger

Sodura is a village girl from Taiga that has relocated in the big city, but things don't work out as she hoped and she returns home pregnant and heartbroken, shunned by most of her village for carrying an outsider's child.

The only person who understood her pain was Ak-Od. Sodura falls in love with him, but he is engaged in an arranged marriage. A wild fire breaks out in the village and the tribesmen discover illegal poachers, while putting out the fire.

Tensions rise as village life is turned upside down and Sodura discovers a secret she never knew.

One Life of Two Women

From the outside Lardimaa has it all. The snow white wedding dress, huge wedding reception, big expensive house, high-end furniture and wealthy and caring husband. He takes her everywhere and buys her the world, secretly all she wants to do is to get away from him.

After an incident Lardimaa ends up in prison and meets a prison guard, who is not happy with her life either. Lardimaa's struggle helps the gaurd to see the reality of her life, in a selfless twist she helps Lardimaa get out of prison and free her from her manipulating, sadistic husband.A


Group of friends needed an entry fee to get into a football match. After a huge struggles they finally get enough money to be in the tournament, but they loose it all by accident. Now it is up to them to earn that money as soon as possible.

Yellow Colt

Yellow Colt is an award winning film and the heart warming story of a boy and his horse inspired by the horses of Mongolia.

Galt is he youngest son of Badam, a nomad family raising horses in plains of Mongolia, however he returns home and is adopted by his uncle.

When his uncle passes away Galt falls into a deep sadness until he has his heart stolen by an yellow colt.

Can a young horse save a family suffering from a tragic loss and reunite them?

Norjmaa: Sworn Enemies

A woman rescues two injured soldiers after a battle. As they recover, they discover their allegiances are not aligned and the enemies plot to kill one another. Norjmaa must try to alleviate the conflict, despite none of them speaking the same language.

The Story of Us

The ultimate love triangle. The story takes place in both past and present times. People loved each other, or expressed their affections not so differently in any era.

Ten Soldiers of Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan strugtured his army into decimal system of 10, 100, 1000 and 10000's and each unit's appointed leader reports to the larger unit leader and the report gets to the nine most trusted generals og Genghis Khan. It is an untold story of one of those units, ten soldiers of Genghis Khan. Tsahir a leader of ten, gets a direct order Genghis Khan bring an old master healer to the safety from a secluded location. On the journey, they find an abondened baby and rescue him. Later Tsahir and his soldiers find themselves face to face with the enemy soldiers who where tracking the lost baby. Tsahir and his ten soldiers will have to make a decision to save themselves, save the master healer or save the enemy child.

The Last Princess of Royal Blood

The story of Tsetsenhanrui... The Last Princess of Royal Blood.

This is the story of Tsetsenhanrui, despite being the last descendant of royal blood of the Great Genghis Khan, Tsetsenhanrui still has to face poverty and loss while trying to survive in 20th century China.

The Last Princess of Royal Blood is based on true events.
Great selection of Mongolian films with unique story telling and high production value
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Great selection of Mongolian films with unique story telling and high production value.