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Ted V. Mikels Collection

This series is an homage to an indie film making pioneer - who produced and directed films for over 60 years. Way before limited-budget action films became termed as "grindhouse," Ted was wowing audiences with his own special brand of guts, gore, humor, violence and most of all - style.

Check out films like THE CORPSE GRINDERS 1 + 2, THE ASTRO-ZOMBIES, 10 VIOLENT WOMEN, MISSION: KILLFAST, THE DOLL SQUAD and GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS, some of Ted's films that made their cinematic mark.

"It takes your guts and your entrails and your soul to make a film. It takes everything you possess within you!" - Ted V. Mikels


Check out some of the classic thrillers including the godfather of suspense... Alfred Hitchock's Dial M for Murder, starring the stunning Grace Kelly.
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