John, a white-collar family man, finds his life turned upside down when he hits a man on his way home from work. He takes the body home to his garage, convinced that he can cover up the accident. But before he has a chance to bury the body, the man wakes up. Mack, the victim, forms and unlikely bond with John but this bond is short lived. John is on the verge of taking Mack to the hospital when Mack reveals he was hiding his own secret. He purposefully stepped in front of the car in an effort to escape a debt owed to a dangerous man named Rick, a dirty cop that moonlights as a hit-man. John goes back on his word, and chooses to let Mack die. Before he makes that a reality his family is taken hostage by Rick, the dirty cop, who has decided that John is a much better mark to blackmail. John has to team up with the still injured Mack to kill Rick and his partner in an effort to protect his family.

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