Man and Machine
For all car enthusiasts
The best car collections, classic and muscle cars from Australia and all over the world.
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Man and Machine is the creation of television presenter and passionate car enthusiast Glenn Everitt, in fact it’s an evolution of everything he’s learned in the world of television in recent times and a career in the automotive industry that’s spanned nearly 30 years.

Whilst the core focus of Man and Machine is Classic and Muscle Cars of all years, makes and models, there is also a percentage of interesting machines featured, the type of powerful and iconic machines we all love to see and learn about. 

Man and Machine features interesting people and their collections, exciting events, restorations including Glenn Everitt’s own Project Warhorse build and informative technical segments. So be sure to tune in, we know you’re going to love it. 

If it’s fast or powerful and uses an engine to propel it, Man and Machine will check it out.Thanks to our sponsor ShannonsThanks to our sponsor Hiflex