Coal Heap Kids
A moving film on the loss of childhood innocence and coming of age in a deprived European community.
Fifteen year old Loïc and his ten year old brother, Théo, live in the French former mining town of Lens. Surrounded by poverty and unemployment, Loïc, has stopped going to school. While his teachers try to encourage him, his mother, Patricia, struggles to hold the family together.
Directed by Frederic Brunnquell
Co-author and producer Anne Gintzburger
52 mins
FIPA 2017 (France); FIGRA 2017 (France); DOK Leipzig (Leipzig, Germany);
Japan Prize 2017 (JAPAN); CineDoc Tbilisi 2018 (Georgia).
Japan Prize Best Documentary in Youth Category  & Japan Prize Grand Prix (Japan Prize 2017, Tokyo, JAPAN)

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