Open Windows
Set in Madrid and in Paris, this award winnng LGBT documentary follows Boti,
Empar, Micheline and Jocelyne, four lesbian women in their seventies
tell of their fears, their desires, their differences... 
 They are
still active, or activists, and will not give in to the passage of time;
they refuse to be pushed aside because of their age.
look at others, and at society, with curiosity. They live their
everyday lives to the fullest, taking advantage of all opportunities.
They show us their world, their experiences, and their problems, and
talk about their relationship with age. 
Beyond the taboos, they reflect
on their loves, past and present, because their love lives and sex
lives are not yet over.
Directed by Michele Masse
62 mins
Women Make Waves Festival 2016 (Taiwan), Des Images Aux Mots 2015
(Toulouse, France), Vues d'en Face 2015 (Grenoble, France), Can[be]Gay
Canaries 2015 (Spain), X Muestra de Cine LGTB 2015 (Murcia, Spain),
Zinegoak 2015 (Bilbao, Spain), FanCineGay 2014 (Extremadura), EL Lugar
Sin Limite 2014 (Ecuador), AndalesGai 2014 (Andalusia, Spain),
LesGaiCineMad 2014 (Madrid, Spain), V Muestra de Cine Lesbico de Madrid
2015 (Spain), Mostra la Ploma 2015 (Valencia, Spain), Cinhomo Festival
2015 (Valladolid, Spain), SQIFF 2015 (Glasgow, UK), Leeds Queer Film
Festival 2015 (UK), Toronto International Queer West Film Festival 2015
(Canada), Liber Cine 2015 (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Llamale H 2015
(Montevideo, Uruguay), Festival de Cine de la Diversidad Afectivo Sexual
2015 (Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia), La Otra Banqueta 2015
(Guatemala), OutFestPeru 2015 (Lima, Peru), Kashish Mumbai International
Queer Film Festival 2015 (India); Roze Filmdagen (Amsterdam,
Netherlands); Springfield Mass LGBT Film festival (USA): Queersicht
International Film Festival (Switzerland); Florence Queer Film Festival
(Italy); Zinentiendo, Zaragoza LGBT Film Festival (Spain); Muestra de
Cine LGTB para mayores de 50 yrs old (Madrid, Spain); Stockholm Pride
(Sweden); Festival du Film Lesbien Gay Bi Trans de Polychromes (France)
Jury prize for Best Spanish Documentary at LesGaiCine Mad 2014 (Madrid,
Spain), Best Director at Toronto International Queer West Film Festival
2015 (Canada), Audience Award for Best Documentary at VII Festival de
Cine de la Diversidad Sexual / Cine Movilh (Chile).

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