Do you dare to immerse yourself in the mind of a psychopath? What if you like what you see…? In “X” we enter the most intimate thoughts of a serial killer which he confesses to us directly and everything is mixed with oneiric images from his subconscious. This creates a visual poem.

Featured in the Sitges Film Festival 2017 – Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico de Cataluña, Winner of an Award of Excellence at the Best Shorts Competition 2017, Winner of a Gold Award at the Spotlight Horror Film Awards 2017, Best Horror Short in Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards 2017, Winner of an Award of Excellence at the One-Reeler Short Film Competition 2017, Official Selection at the Aurora: Internacional Horror Film Festival from Mexico 2018, Winner of two Awards of Excellence (for Short Film and Women Filmmakers) at the Festival Accolade Global Film Competition, Winner of the Best Foreign Short in the California International Shorts Festival Spring 2018, Award of Best Actor in the Film & Screenplay Contest, a Platinum Award in the International Independent Film Awards summer 2018 in California, Official Selection at Liverpool Film Festival 2018, Official Selection at Incortum Festival in Ibiza 2018 (Sapin), Screening at the XXX Marató de Cinema Fantàstic i de Terror de Sants (Barcelona), Official Selection at DarkVeins Horror Fest 2018, Official Selection at Directors Circle Festival Of Shorts 2018, Official Selection at London Lift-Off Film Festival Online 2018, Finalist at Festival Canada Shorts 2018, Official Selection at California Women's Film Festival 2019, Official Selection at ALIE Festival Madrid 2019 and Offical Selection in the Caorle Independent Film Festival 2019, Official Selection in Cinema Grand Prix, Indonesia 2019, Award of Merit in the Global Shorts Festival 2019, Official Selection in Dumbo Film Festival 2019, Semi-Finalist in the Hyperwave Film Awards Spring 2019, Official Selection in That Film Festival - Cannes 2019 and Finalist in One-Reeler Short Film, Los Angeles 2019.

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