The Brownlist is a satirical comedy that explores race and what it means to be “diverse” in the entertainment industry. It’s the story of a girl blessed with two races but seemingly not enough of either to fit in.

Based on the real “adventures” of creator and star, Ursula Taherian; All but two scenes were real-life depictions (can you guess which two were not?); The final scene was shot in Bronson Canyon/Bronson Caves, at the famous Batcave entrance in the Batman TV series.

Director: Kelly Walker, Ryan Garcia
Producer(s): Ursula Taherian
Screenwriter(s): Ursula Taherian

© Ursula Taherian 2018

"*WINNER Jury Award for Best Short Film at Geena Davis’s Bentonville Film Festival
*WINNER Grand Jury Award for Best Short Film at The Big Syn International Film Festival, London
*WINNER Jury Award for Best Comedy at the JRS Film Festival
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