James is house-sitting for an eccentric Entomologist (bug scientist) when one of the potentially dangerous creepy-crawlies escapes from its container.
"This film was inspired by a real life event where insect supplier and Associate Producer Brian Pruzan let Writer Tom Capps feed one of his pet spiders before telling him, ""Oh, if it gets out kill it before it kills us."" All of the insects in this film are real.
This film was originally created for a 72 Hour Film Competition and was written, shot, and edited within 3 days. This Director's Cut has had more time dedicated to the edit."

WINNER: Best Comedy @ Portland Comedy Film Festival, Best Comedy @ Queens World Film Festival, Audience Choice Award @ Iron Mule Comedy Film Festival, NOMINATED: Best Comedy @ The Long Island Internation Film Expo, OFFICIAL SELECTION: Knoxville Film Festival, Cinema NYC Film Festival, Cinema Los Angeles ORIGINAL VERSION: WINNER Best Use of Genre "Mistaken Identity" 4 Points Film Project, WINNER Best use of Genre "Suprise Ending" 4 Points Film Project, WINNER Best use of character "Rafael Vargas, Entemologist" 4 Points Film Project 2015

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