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Donut Hacks

A collection of food recipes and hacks that incorporate the all-time-favourite treat.... DONUTS!

Catch and Cook

Join our Outdoor Adventurer Enthusiasts as they catch and cook their food fresh from the water!

Out of the Blue

Meet the Michaels... 2 Aussie chefs cooking up delicious dishes from some of the most spectacular spots down under and around the world.

You’ll experience many kinds of gourmet cuisine from Greek, Italian, Malay, Sicilian, Indian and Chinese to everything fresh and fishy from Australia and New Zealand to California.

If you think you’ve tasted every kind of fish – think again. Our hosts cook abalone, crab, prawns, barramundi, flounder, tuna, stingray, squid, trout, whiting and octopus just to name a few.

Award winning chefs Michael Angelakis and Michael Keelan – affectionately called ‘The 2 Michaels”, cook up their dishes on trawlers, oyster barges, riverboats, a navy destroyer, a submarine, a luxury charter boat, on beaches and in the Australian outback; you name it and they’ve probably cooked on it, in it or under it!
Food, glorious food!<br>
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Just like the names says, the Foodie Hive is dedicated to all things food!

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