In spite of prejudices impressed on them growing up, Lee (70s, Caucasian) and Ben (70s, African American) strike up a charming love affair over the course of an evening to discover love conquers all.

Starrring: Michael Learned (Multi-Golden Globe nominated) and John Wesley


Caorle Film Festival, Venice Italy
Won, Jury Award
Gerry Pass (producer) Chrome Entertainment
Won, Best Actress
Best Actress
Michael Learned Chrome Entertainment (production company)

Global Impact Film Festival
Nominated, Best Narrative Short Film
Gerry Pass Chrome Entertainment

Hollywood Women's Film Festival
Won, Festival Award
Best Actress In A Dramatic Short
Michael Learned
Won, Festival Award
Best Actor In A Dramatic Short
John Wesley
Won, Festival Award
Best Director Dramatic Short
Anya Adams
Won, Festival Award
Best Dramatic Short
Gerry Pass

Miami Film Festival
Nominated, IMDbPro Shorts Competition
Short Films
Gerry Pass Chrome Entertainment

Queen Palm International Film Festival
Won, Bronze Award
Best Short Film Social Awareness
Gerry Pass Chrome Entertainment

SoHo International Film Festival
Nominated, Festival Prize
Best US Short Film
Michael Learned (lead), Anya Adams (director), Gerry Pass (producer), John Vaughn (composer), John Wesley (lead), Salvatore Sclafani (associate producer), Jacob Pinger (cinematographer), Travis Liden (screenplay by) Chrome Entertainment

Sunscreen Film Festival, US
Won, Festival Prize
Best Short
Gerry Pass Chrome Entertainment

River Film Festival, Italy
Nominated, Best Fiction Short
Best Short Film
Gerry Pass Chrome Entertainment

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