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The Exchange

Imagine if the BBC version of The Office married the American version of The Office. A UK based TV production company relocates to the US to film their 4th season of Go-Karts & Hot Rods-- an "actuality" show. When the Brits and 'Mericans work together, they have a tough time understanding each other even though they're speaking the same language.

Olivia Gadson, Andrew Malcolm, Brand Rackley, Roxanne Brooks, Pete Monro, Anthony Newman, Morocco Nelvin, Clarissa Thebeaux, Jasmine Moton, and Paige Lauren Billiot

- Writer/Director: Lagueria Davis

- Producer(s): Lagueria Davis & Rebekah Bell

- Co-Producer(s): Lance Gill & Carlos Barboza

- Length of Series: 15 mins (Season 1)
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