The goal of this course:
Our goal is to bring real world production skills to students involved in the production of film, video, TV commercials and corporate videos. ESA Films and ESA Inspire are amongst London's top production companies working with global brands internationally.
We are not just another academic film school teaching theory. We are ideally placed to teach students practical production skills which will be of use to them, in the real world.
This course is for those who:
§ Those who have never made a film before
§ Those who have made a few basic videos or short films and really want to take their production values to the next level
§ Amateur film makers who want to take their skills to a new level
§ Individuals who offer video to their clients and who want to be able to make higher quality products, and charge more money
§ Companies that want to offer video as part of their services offering
§ Aspiring Filmmakers, YouTubers/Vloggers, Online Educators, Business Owners, Online Content Creators and Advertisers
We're really looking forward to sharing some of the secrets of our industry with you and helping you in your goal to create quick and easy motion graphics!
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