The professional guide to high quality video production   Video is everywhere on the internet now. So we’ve created this video series to give you the key edge that will help you stand out with the best, to win business, drive traffic to your site, market yourself, or simply to engage, inspire and entertain. About this course:   The difference between this course by ESA Films and other courses is that we are actually doing what we’re teaching everyday for some of the world’s leading brands and international organisations.   Not to mention, this video series takes out all the risk, because it lays out the whole process, from scripting, to production, to the delivery of great video content.   Just follow our step by step system to success using our tried and tested model.   Don’t waste years of your life and a lot of your money trying to figure all this out. You don’t need to – all the techniques, strategies are available to you in this video series. About the course creators   This course is one of many in ESA’s Masterclass video series. Our series is the only one produced by an international production company that is currently producing award-winning TV Commercials and corporate videos for some of the world's leading brands such as SONY, Barclays, Kelloggs, BBC, Microsoft and Nokia to name just a few.   So if you want to know real world techniques for creating high quality video, then we can show you how! Why are we making this how to film: We’re passionate about creating great film and high quality video and want to help others to do the same. The way we see it the industry can only benefit as a whole if standards are raised and the quality of content improves.

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