Quick and Easy Motion Graphics Hacks Here at ESA we understand that not everyone has the training, money or indeed the time to spend hours creating complex animations and motion graphics using advanced software in order to make their videos look amazing for their viewers and that is why we are here to help! This is a multi purpose video course. All you need is a basic understanding of video editing software. For this tutorial we’ll be using Final Cut Pro 7, but most of these tips and tricks can be applied to an alternative software such as Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro, if needs be. This course is for those who: Don’t know how to use animation software such as after effects or other similar programs Own the software but don’t want to spend hours using it for creating complex animations Are bored and tired of seeing and using the same old title cards and transitions Aren’t necessarily or primarily video editors but need to do a quick bit of editing, and want it to look as attractive as possible This course will teach you: How to quickly and easily add some eye catching motion and colour to your videos How to create outstanding content, without expensive equipment How to spice up a project or presentation for school or college or even a gift for friend or family member   Hopefully, these quick and easy hacks should enable those with up to 6 months experience using FCP7 or other editing software, to look like they’ve got a year or more’s experience! and will allow you to go away and create eye-catching Motion Graphics for your videos, quickly and easily! Our goal is to bring real world production skills to students involved in the production of film, video, TV commercials and corporate videos. ESA Films and ESA Inspire are amongst London’s top production companies working with global brands internationally. We are not just another academic film school teaching theory. We are ideally placed to teach students practical production skills which will be of use to them, in the real world. We’re really looking forward to sharing some of the secrets of our industry with you and helping you in your goal to create quick and easy motion graphics!

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