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Tom Konkle Comedy

Tom Konkle is film director and writer who started as a comic actor who has also transitioned to playing sarcastic heroes or diabolical villains.

Known for his appearances in 'The Art of Football' comedy TV show with John Cleese. Trouble Is My Business and Cosmos.

Tom has written episodes of the Warner Brothers series, Be Cool Scooby Doo and has written screenplays including Animus, Trouble Is My Business and Last Breath.

The remaining Monty Python members asked him to direct, perform and ruin their never before seen sketches live in a show called Owl-Stretching Time.

Tom was a series regular on NBC's Spy TV, Sci-Fi Channel's Scare Tactics and Fox's The Orlando Jones Show, Community, Arrested Development, NBC's The Office, Back to You, Secret Life of the American Teenager and CW's The Game.

Tom Konkle Comedy is a collection of some of his funniest work.

Hillbilly Horror Show

Hillbilly Horror Show is a horror/ comedy anthology that showcases short horror films from up and coming filmmakers.

Come join our fun loving, beer-guzzling, hillbilly hosts, Bo & Cephus, along with their SMOKIN' hot kissin' cousin, Lulu, as they showcase award-winning horror short films from around the globe!

Thong Girl

Join Thong Girl for her inter galactic adventures as she trys to save the world, along side her friends BoxerBrief Boy and Dweebie Mahoney

Transylvania Television

900 year-old vampire Le Shoc is running a beat-down TV station in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania.

He's in dire need to pull it out of the toilet, so with the help of his Beatnik minion Batfink, they enlist college graduate Furry J. Ackermonster to be the station's new manager. Assisted by the smartly stupid Dwayne Frankenstein, the three unleash the Frankenstein device that allows it to resurrect canceled shows and turns them into a twisted parody.

World domination is just around the corner, once they figure out how to get more than a .0002 rating.
"Just like the name says...
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"If you love all that is kooky, spooky, hilarious and horrifying, we have something for you.

Get aquainted with Thong Girl and Boxer Brief Boy as they try to save the world or head to Transylvania as Vampire Le Shoc and his little minions attempt to save their failing TV Station.

Looking for something a little more laid back? Bo, Cephus and their kissin' cousin LuLu bring you the best horror shorts from around the world.

If you get peckish, the lovely Lexi has some munchie-crushing recipes to keep your fright night going!"