Chris Sun
Horror writer and Director

Daddy's Little Girl - Director's Cut

Watch the Director's Cut of Daddy's Little Girl only on Hyvio - available Halloween 2020.

Daddy's Little Girl Trailer

Launching exclusively to Hyvio Halloween 2020. The Director's Cut of Daddy's Little Girl.
Horror writer and Director
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Australian horror writer and director Chris Sun (Come and Get Me, Charlie’s Farm and Boar) will release the long-awaited Director’s Cut of his award-winningfilm “Daddy’s Little Girl” worldwide, this Halloween.

“Not suitable for the faint of heart” - FANGORIA
This controversial film centers around a father who seeks revengeand justicefor the abduction of his 6-year-old daughter, reminding audiencesthat 80% of attacks on children are actually carried out by someone they know.

The film caused a massive stir, shooting him into the international horror limelight, receiving numerous accolades, including "Grand Jury Prizes", "Best Director", "Best Screenplay" along with many more awards.

Sun has become a household name in the horror world, known for using practical special effects rather than CGI to create his leading villains; both man and beast. The technical difficulty adds more production value to his projects, his monster pig flick "Boar" was a testament to it, with almost 85% of the story utilising practical effects.

Chris is currently in pre-production with his latest film ‘The Possessed”.