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Chilean films from classic & cult movies to contemporary works, all forms, all genres.
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Amerindia Films has launched this channel on Hyvio to deliver the Chilean cinema heritage to audiences all over the planet. Over the last two decades Chilean films – shorts, documentaries and narrative feature length – have had increasing exposure internationally and gained awards at top film festivals, from Berlin and Venice to Oscar nominations. For the first time in history, Chilean films have become a “label” in the international market. Chilean titles are now seen on cinemas, DVD shelves, airlines and cable programming in very different countries. Thanks to the digital technology, now Amerindia Films is expanding its long term traditional production activity to become a global digital distributor for the enormous and attractive variety of Chilean film content. In the near future Amerindia Films channel will continue adding new and old titles, and will also make available web series and similar forms to show the wide range of Chilean culture, from wildlife exploration and geography to people and traditions.